Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No April Fool Here

Oh, what a day!

What a way to kick off the month. New blog, so much to learn so much to do. Lets get right to it..

The research continues. So the blog has been created, templates set, layout adjusted, background and colors tweaked, so now what? How do we get people to see all the hard work I'm putting into this? How do I share my content with the world?

Time to promote my blog! Some call it marketing, some call it submitting. The way I see it, its a coming out party for your blog. Its your way of saying Hey! I'm here. Read this!
When searching for ways to promote/market/expose/share my blog, I came across something called a bookmarking site. The one that showed up the most was StumbleUpon.

Takes you straight to the StumbleUpon Sign up!
Click here to sign up and get started

This site allows you to explore blogs/pages within the topics of interest that you select. You can like them, share them to other social media sites (facebook, twitter), comment on them, email them, or add them to a favorites list. One cool feature of this site is the Stumble button. This button allows you to view random content based on your interests. 

Now for the promoting part. The way StumbleUpon builds content is based on submissions from its users. Lets say you see an article or post online that you feel is share worthy..
  1. You log in to your StumbleUpon account.
  2. Click on the drop down menu next to your profile picture, click add a page.
  3. You will be asked to enter the web address (simple copy and past of the URL).
  4. From a drop down menu, you will select a one word description of what the page (post) is about. 
  5. You then have the optional choice of entering tags and/or a comment. (tags are limited to 5 per page)
  6. Last, you choose the language of the page.
That's it! You've submitted a page to StumbleUpon. This is how you will submit your post to this bookmarking site for thousands of random readers to find you.

I submitted my first post Hello! What Niche? as a page on this site under the interest: Marketing and my page views doubled within an hour. (Happy dance* its the small things you know). Did I mention this site is FREE?! Cost nothing to sign-up, takes about 5 minutes, free to explore.. There's inspiration every where. 

This isn't the only bookmarking site available, but this is the only one I have tried thus far.. Let the journey continue. 

How do you promote your blog? Share below, in the comment section. I want to hear from you...

Madame Dream

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  1. I actually get the most traffic when I comment and promote other blogs. I also promote through my personal facebook account and my twitter account. My business facebook page and g+ accounts don't give much traffic. I also have lots of followers on pinterest, but it doesn't seem to send much to my blog either. I just figure I'll keep trying all of them. :-)

    1. I noticed the same exact thing. When I comment and share, that's when I get the most traffic.. networking, as I like to call it. I'm also on fb and google+. I do see traffic from those sites. Adding my new posts to stumble upon usually increases my view rather quickly also.

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