Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Keep it by my Bed

I always say.. better late than never! Ms. Avie tagged me in her What's on my Bed Side Table post (check it out: HERE)... about a week ago and now I get to share all the things I MUST be able to reach from my bed. Thanks for the tag Ms. Avie! Your tags always lead to a fun post. Lets get started...

So I happen to have two nightstands, one on each side of my bed. Since I don't share my room with anyone, I get to use them both. What's going to happen when I do have to share my space... we'll save that for another day and another post..

I have my iPod docking station/alarm/radio. I gotta have my music, whether I'm falling asleep to it or just relaxing. That little square in front of my lamp is for when I bring drinks to my room. Sometimes its a cup of tea or a bottle of water but I always have something. Those trips to the fridge in the middle of the night can be dangerous. The pic in the background is one of my high school graduation pics, its been there for a while.

The two remotes control the AC and the ceiling fan. In between the two remotes is my No-No. It was a Christmas gift from my sister. I thought that by putting it near my bed, I'd use it more which I thought would lead to better results. Long story short, if you look really close, that thing is so dusty. Last but not least, my lotion. Every single night, I'd climb into bed and think to myself..there's something I forgot to do...lotion my feet!! So I'd have to climb back out the bed to get the lotion and some nights I'd just be too tired. Keeping a bottle on my nightstand was my solution and it works!

On my other nightstand, there's my hot pink home telephone. How could I get rid of it?.. its hot pink. I have my cell phone holder which I'm suppose to use to charge my phone but I usually end up laying the phone down and plugging it in. There's another graduation pic which happens to be one of the last Valentines gifts I gave my grandma before she passed. The frame says I <3 My Grandma. You can learn more about the love I have for my Granny in my mother's day post: So many Moms, So little time.. The card in front of the frame is the prayer card from her funeral.

If you're wondering if that's a pink rock in front of the frame, it is. (..and you've probably realized I like pink..)  That's my Rose Quartz crystal. Its known as the healer of the heart. Its energy attracts love, heals heartbreak and emotional wounds, boosts sensuality, and inspires self love. I've had this crystal by my bed for a long time and I find it to be very calming. It's also known as the "sleep crystal" because its said to provide beautiful dreams and prevent nightmares. The last item needs no explanation.. my iPad mini. We haven't separated since I got it..

I'm curious to know what some of my fellow bloggers MUST be able to reach from their beds, so I tagged a few of you guys:

Dawn T
Christen P
Antionette Blake
Ana Lynn Amelio
Dawnita Fogleman

Looking forward to seeing what you share and seeing what we have in common. So far I noticed Ms. Avie and I like to keep our electronics and a beverage close by.. Thanks again for the tag!

What MUST you keep in arms reach of your bed? Food.. gadget.. product? Do Share... 

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  1. Nice post!!

    Your so lucky you have two sides!! haha I wish I had more space, but at the same time I'm glad I don't. More space, more clutter (for me at least). haha :)

    1. That's the absolute truth! Clutter control is a must. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love your lamp, how cute! I also use the same kind of lotion & it's by my bed. I' stopping by from the blog hop, your blog is great! I hope you have a great Monday.

    1. Thanx Leslie! That lotion really helps especially since I actually remember to put it on now. Glad you stopped by :)