Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Love is NOT Unconditional

Conditional Love

Each and every relationship is so unique. We all express and define love differently. Figuring out how to love each other can be a couple’s greatest challenge. The one expression that I have gone back & forth with in my mind is “unconditional love”. Some define it as love between parent and child, some say its love between husband and wife. It’s that unwavering love that withstands all challenges…that exists no matter what the circumstances or conditions…it’s a Godly, divine love.

So this got me to thinking (stay with me…) Is unconditional love the only “true love”? I consider myself to be truly in love with my significant other BUT there are conditions to my love. My love for him is NOT unconditional. (I’ll explain..)

Like most relationships, if not all, there are certain boundaries and expectations that exist between us.  When it comes to fidelity, honesty, respect, and trust we share very similar values.  These are a few elements we’ve used to define our love for one another, along with being supportive, encouraging each other to follow our dreams, building a friendship/bond, maintaining good communication and staying committed to the relationship.  Consider these the “conditions” of our love if you will. (still with me…)

So lets say these conditions are broken at some point.. there’s infidelity, disrespect and no communication.. Does the love still exist or is it dependent on the conditions in which it was built? For me, the answer is simple. Those conditions are the foundation of our love. If you take the foundation away from a home, what happens to the home?...Exactly.

Romantic love should always be conditional, simply for one purpose – Self-Love.  Defining the terms in which you choose to give your love freely lets the other person know you value yourself and they are to value your love in return. (it’s a two-way street..)

Madame Dream

How do you define love in your relationships? Are there conditions? Is unconditional love only for parent/child relationships or can a husband & wife love unconditionally? Tell me about it… 

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  1. I must confess " I enjoyed reading through this" . left for me I will say that unconditional love is that true love everyone is looking for.

    Let's learn to share unconditional love


    1. That's definitely something I'm going to work towards. I feel I have that love for my family.. for my parents.. Not sure if having unconditional love in a romantic relationship is attainable. Thanks for reading and responding!

  2. Thank you for so many excellent articles. reading them, it becomes easier on my soul for me to be aware of my existence

  3. It seems to me that in almost every manifestation of love there are conditions the only love that is unconditional is the love of God.