Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The NO - Checklist

Saying No, Checklist, printable

As we discussed in I know how to say No... Not saying no is a self-sacrificing behavior. There's no easy remedy for the people pleasing syndrome we tend to suffer from ..BUT! I think with these 4 steps we may be closer to a cure.

The ~NO~ Checklist
Step 1- Stop!
Before you respond too fast & say yes, take a moment.

Step 2- Weigh your options
Do you have prior plans or other commitments?

Step 3- Consider the sacrifice
What are you giving up? What will it "cost" you?

Step 4- Decide
Make a decision that YOU are happy with.

No, is not always the answer but it should be when necessary. With practice, we can get comfortable with saying no and stop being that yes person. 
Don't forget to use your "No phrases"!

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  1. Ever since I've learned to say "No", life has been better. :)
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Many will benefit for sure.

    1. Thanx for stopping by! Yea, getting to "no" can be a difficult but rewarding journey, which I'm sure you've learned. I hope the checklist can help make it a lil' easier.